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The Organizers of the Fabulous Cup

We started the activities in Hong Kong in 2012 and quickly became the point of reference for the dancing enthusiasts.

We promote dancing by delivering the highest level of professionalism, continuously looking for new qualified teachers and constantly updating them with the latest trend.


In 2017 we started our expansion by organising the first international event in Italy and for the 2018, we plan to continue to expand by organising the Fabulous Cup in Montecarlo.

With our new concept of dancing holiday, we would like to highlight the importance of international friendship and sharing the same passion with others while exploring the world.


Through local and international events, we offer our clients the opportunity to perform and exchange their passion for dancing with a wider group of dancing lovers from all over the world.


We plan to continue expanding our business, both locally and internationally, to cover the continue demand that we are receiving.

We will continue to recruit professional teachers and create high-end events.


Fabrizio Cravero

Lorena Cravero

16-21 october 2018, Monte Carlo


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  2018 Fabulous Cup